Netflix improves separate profiles, but design still needs work

Having separate profiles on Netflix is now more convenient, but the design is not as user friendly as it should be. I can understand making the “Instant Queue” a drop down selection under “Watch Instantly” though changing the name to “My List” seems unnecessary especially when it’s not actually a list. I know that some people, and apparently the Netflix webpage designers, like the movie poster look, but some of us prefer a list. It used to be a list, it’s still a list in the other profile, so why isn’t it a list in the second profile?  And since I’m complaining about the poster look, let me add that I really hate it when I’m trying to browse. “Sortable List” was previously an option and is still there if you add the code to the URL, but for some reason Netflix doesn’t have it on the page anymore. Good design would give users a choice instead of just what the designers like.

It’s also not good design when the user has to search for what’s been moved. Netflix almost got it right with the “Instant Queue” move. I clicked on the “DVD Queue” and after a moment of wondering where the “Instant Queue” was I noticed “Looking for your Instant Queue? It’s now My List” which linked to the new “My List”. Unfortunately, I didn’t know where the link had taken me. What probably seemed obvious to the designer was not obvious to me. Sure, I quickly figured out where the link had taken me, but why not just tell me in the first place?

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Google Search, more annoying than helpful

Google may think they are being helpful when they give results based on a similar spelling to the word I typed, but I just find it annoying. Today I was searching for info on an ancestor with the last name Ammen. The first page of Google Search results contained Ammem, Amman and Amen. At the bottom of the page was the not very informative tip that “These results include the word ‘ammem'” with the option to “Show results that include only ‘ammen’.”

I don’t need or want Google to change my search terms. If Google wants to be helpful then put any alternative suggestions at the top of the page and give me the option to select them because I’ve about had it with them being “helpful”.

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